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Q: Why should I consider pet sitting as opposed to boarding my pet?

A: 1. Your pet stays "home" where they are comfortable and happy, safe from the possibility of any injuries from other pets in "play groups" and no possibility of contracting viruses and diseases associated with kennels.

A: 2. Your pets staying at home adds greater protection for your house and valuables.

A: 3. We not only provide professional pet care, we provide peace-of-mind knowing your home also be "checked-on" daily.  Our service also includes, at no extra charge, mail, newspaper & door hanger pick-up, trash removal, security light & window blind rotation, perimeter dwelling check and interior home safety check (including proper heating & cooling settings, basic utility functions and water/leak safety checks).


Q: Who will be my pet sitter?

A: We are a small family owned business-large enough to accommodate all your pet & house sitting needs, yet small enough to insure proper professional care.  100% of all visits are performed by the Pup 'n' Pony Luv family and 99% by Kelly Miller herself. We do NOT use "independent contractors" or hired help.


Q: Are you insured, bonded and licensed?

A: We are fully insured and bonded by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.  We carry $2,000,000.00 in General Liability Insurance. We also carry additional insurance including lost key and lock-out coverage and a special property bond endorsement that further protects our clients against many other incidents including accidental breakage of personal property.

Currently, there is no such thing as a license for "pet sitting" in the state of Arizona.

We are also active members of many local pet service organizations including 2 of the top referral companies including AZ Valley Pet Sitters and Services and Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.


Q: Will you negotiate your prices listed for pet care?

A:  No. Our rates are very competitive with other local in-your-home pet sitting professionals.  We have set the standard for pet sitting here in the West Valley since 2005.  If you find someone else who is advertising for much less, we highly suggest you investigate further. Professional pet sitting is not a hobby and your pets, house and its possessions should never be compromised or trusted to the "teenager next door" or anyone not fully insured, referenced and pet care trained.  Pup 'n' Pony Luv has strict standards to protect you, your pets and your home at all times.

Q: Will you care for "outdoor only" pets, pets with "doggy doors" or visit pets less than once per day?

A: Yes, in reference to outdoor only pets, although we do not recommend this type of care for domestic animals in Arizona. Yes, regarding doggy doors however, we require a "Limited Access/Special & Unusual Request" release of liability contract to be signed by both parties at our initial consultation. We highly recommend every pet be checked-on AT LEAST once per day (canine friends typically require 2 visits per day) however, we may make an exception for some animals such as snakes, reptiles or small rodents.


Q: Do you have references?

A: Of course!  You may access my actual client testimonials here on the website on our Guestbook or on our Merchant Circle Link. Additionally, if requested, we can provide personal contact references via telephone number or e-mail.

We are also the only pet sit company recommended and referred by All Star Animal Hospital in Surprise!  Click to see our listing on their page http://allstaranimalhospital.com/resources


Q: Who should I notify before I leave my house & pets?

A: We suggest you notify your "emergency contact" chosen & listed by you in our file, your veterinarian and especially your "close" neighbors that we will be accessing your home and caring for your pets.  We also suggest you inform your local police department so that they may note the "changes" at your address while you are away.


Q: Do you offer over-night and/or "live-in" pet sits?

A: Yes, but on an extremely limited and 1st come, 1st serve basis. Note: We generally book 6 to 9 months in advance for these special requests.

Q:  Do you offer occasional or daily short notice "drop-in" pet sits?
A:  Because of our schedule, we do not.

Q: What is required at the initial "get acquainted" consultation for new clients?

A: (please reserve 45 minutes to an hour)  We will collect all important information on your pets and home to complete our files (we are very thorough). We also require a key that will be provided/tested and a 50% deposit of your first pet sit reservation.  Note: This deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation. We MAY, at our discretion, offer a credit toward future bookings.  Addtl. Note:  We do charge $25.00 after your initial consultation to return to pick up keys.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: At this time, we only accept cash, personal checks, PayPal & Chase Bank Quick Pay (with a $10.00 additional fee).  We have a mandatory $40 N.S.F. fee on returned checks and all future visits will be on an upfront "cash" basis only.


Q: What happens to my keys?

A: Your keys are coded and are never marked with your name or address.  When they are not in use, they are kept separate from your client file and locked in our safe.  At the end of your reservation, we return your original keys to you.  Note: After being an established client for over 6 months, you may choose to allow us to keep your keys on file with a simple update & signature to your original contract.

Q: What other services do you offer ?

A: 1. House & plant "sitting" (without pets)

     2. Lockout service for clients who allow us to keep you key on file, CALL US–we are cheaper than a locksmith (Typical charge is approx. $35.00)

     3. Pet Bereavement assistance (we can provide recommendations, ideas & counseling assistance as well as be by your side before, during & after) Please contact us for more information.