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Name:  Kate Traci

Email:    katetraci {at} gmail.com

How many pets do you have? 3

Where are you from:  Surprise AZ


Kelly is fantastic! All my furry peeps love kelly and she always makes sure to do everything she can to fit us into her busy schedule. Kelly goes above and beyond all.the.time. How long did it take you to clean up that broken plant/planter mess my cats did one day?! lol! She is the best and I feel so great that my pets are being taken care of by her. Couldn't ask for more.

Name: Deb DeWolfe

Email: ddewolfe2001{at}yahoo.com

How many pets do you have? 4

Where are you from: Surprise,Az


My "girl's" love Kelly and are truely happy to see her. She run's a great business, very professional.

Received Saturday, September 15, 2012 4:48 PM

Name: Brenda Keenan

Email: dogbabysitting{at}cox.net

How many pets do you have? 4

Where are you from: Phoenix Valley area

Message:  I have known Kelly for several years. We met through a pet sitting group. She is a remarkable pet person and I would trust my kids in her care anytime. She can be counted on in an emergency was well as regular pet visits. She really cares about the pets and will do what's best for them and her clients–the caring part is what is important to me. Very reliable and trustworthy.

Received Saturday, March 17, 2012 9:53 AM

Name: Robyn Yackley

Email: rmyackley{at}yahoo.com

How many pets do you have? 4

Where are you from: Surprise

Message: Love your new website!!!! Your awesome at what you do! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Received  Friday, March 16, 2012 8:53 PM

Name: Victoria and Steve

Email: Vagouze{at}ol.com

How many pets do you have? 1

Where are you from: Surprise

Message:  Thank you to Kelly…you are the best! Kelly takes such good care of our Shepherd Bucky..we think he likes when we go away…Kelly should train all pet sitters on how it's done! She gives you pet love and attention..she cares!

Received Friday, March 16, 2012 5:58 PM

Name: L. Lhamon

Email: leeandev98{at}**hoo.com

How many pets do you have? 1 (Chihuahua)

Where are you from: Sun City, Arizona

Message: Thanks for being the loveable person we all can trust to take care of our pets. yes  Keep up the good work.

Received Sunday, March 11, 2012

Name: M. O'Dell
Email: ****{at}g.mail.com
Where are you from: Sun City
Comments: Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful pet care service you provided over the holidays. You went above & beyond anything that I expected (vaccuuming the house and such) and I very much appreciated it. Will certainly recommend you to my neighbors & frineds. Thanks again.
How many pets do you have? 3
Your comments: See above
  February 15, 2012 00:39:02 (GMT Time)



Name: Rick and Sylvia Kowalski
Email: sylviakow{at}cox.net
Where are you from: Sun City , Arizona
Comments: We are happy to know Kelly MIller owner of this business and we know how care and lovely is with all kind of pets, we really recomend her to any person who needs her services.
How many pets do you have? A dog name Bailey and a cat name Tony
Your comments: They are our lovely babies
  October 25, 2011 14:51:53 (GMT Time)



Name: Bob Whittaker
Email: WhittandBev{at}yahoo.com
Where are you from: Sun City, AZ
Comments: Thanks for taking care of our gang! Call you to book our Thanksgiving trip soon.
How many pets do you have? 3
Your comments:  
  September 30, 2011 20:57:56 (GMT Time)



Name: Crystal Avery
Email: crysa3{at}gmail.com
Where are you from: Arizona
Comments: Best pet sitter ever! Thanks SO much again Kelly!!!
How many pets do you have? 2
Your comments:  
  September 1, 2011 17:37:38 (GMT Time)



Name: Ray Pizarro
Email: rpizarro{at}623life.com
Where are you from: Surprise, Arizona
Comments: I think what you're doing with your pet care service is terrific. I'd love to have you join 623Life.com (membership is free) and showcase your business in our website.
How many pets do you have? 2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 goat, 1 donkey, 1 llama, and 2 horses
Your comments: We still don't know how we find time to keep up with everything we're doing.
  July 19, 2011 00:31:26 (GMT Time)



Name: Danielle
Email: tanprincess{at}cox.net
Where are you from: Surprise, AZ
Comments: Kelly is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Traveling for work can be stressful enough but when your family leaves and you have no one to care for your babes it gets even harder! Kelly came over and I was immediately at ease. My two dogs and kitty love her! The daily pics and texts remind me that they are being well taken care of and are having fun while I am away. Kelly – MANY, MANY THANKS to YOU!!! We will definitely miss you when we move …. Thank you so very much!
How many pets do you have? 2 dogs and 1 cat
Your comments:  
  December 15, 2010 02:22:07 (GMT Time)



Name: Kristi Markham
Email: {at}gmail.com
Where are you from: Surprise
Comments: We owe Kelly a huge THANK YOU! She was able to find room to petsit our 2 dogs nearly last minute two weeks ago. We lost our local petsitter in March, but we are even more thrilled to have found Pup n Pony Luv. You ARE our new petsitter–forever! Thanks again, Kristi
  May 12, 2010 23:07:39 (GMT Time)



Name: Erin Trueblood
Where are you from: Wittmann, AZ
Comments: Just a quick thank you for taking care of our pups while we went to Nevada last month. Your services really were wonderful and we didn't worry at all. Loved the text & picture updates each day–you rock Kelly! Keep up the great work.
  January 12, 2010 23:15:53 (GMT Time)



Name: Godzsák Cintia
Email: cintia.godzsak{at}freemail.hu
Where are you from: 2051
Comments: Van egy gyönyörû lovam nem eladó!
  January 2, 2009 10:26:03 (GMT Time)



Name: A. Robertson (Always Busy Women)
Email: intheknow{at}AlwaysBusyWomen.com
Where are you from: Surprise, AZ
Comments: "Pup 'n' Pony Luv Pet Sitting Service is truly fabulous. This past weekend my family and I went away and was unable to take my three dogs. Kelly with Pup 'n' Pony had been recommended to me, so we called her up last minute and she was able to meet with us. I felt very comforable with her right away and knew the dogs would be in good hands! While we were away Kelly sent us messages updating us on how the dogs were doing which made us feel more comfortable and able to enjoy our time away. I could go on and on, but Kelly did such a great job I would recommend her to anyone!!!! I know now that we have someone we can count on anytime to take care of our furry loved ones!!!!! Thanks again Pup 'n' Pony Luv Pet Sitting for making our dogs so comforable and bringing them luv for us while we were away!"
  December 2, 2008 17:07:44 (GMT Time)



Name: D. Wilson
Where are you from: Surprise
Comments: Hi Kelly, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful care to Max, Millie and the ranch animals. I am SO thankful I found Pup 'n' Pony Luv Pet Sitting–now we can travel and be assured that our pets are tended to properly and professionally. Will be in contact soon to book our Christmas & New Year's holiday plans! Take Care!!!
  November 4, 2008 17:17:15 (GMT Time)



Name: Karen & Dave Chenowth
Email: kchenowth{at}hotmail.com
Where are you from: Surprise, AZ
Comments: Kelly is AWESOME. We've been postponing trip after trip because we knew no one in AZ who we trusted with our dog, Georgia. After a quick Kudzu.com search, we found Pup-n-Pony Luv and Kelly. She made herself available right away and we were able to take a quick weekend trip completely unplanned and unexpected. The entire experience from meeting Kelly and having her get acquainted with Georgia to having Kelly in our home during our trip to pet-sit, to receiving the wonderful report of their time together was outstanding. We could not have been more pleased and are very excited to be working with Kelly – a dream come true to be able to leave on a minute's notice, knowing our pet will be safe and happy during our absence!!!
  October 7, 2008 01:03:40 (GMT Time)



Name: Lee
Email: leeandev{at}cox.net
Where are you from: Pekin, Illinois
Comments: Thanks for taking care of Sugar while we made our trip to the Caterpillar Tractor Proving Grounds outside of Green Valley, Arizona. She was sure glad to see us when we got home, but as usual everything was perfectly ok.
  October 1, 2008 23:23:27 (GMT Time)



Name: Jill C.L.
Where are you from: Surprise, AZ
Comments: Just wanted to thank you Kelly on a job well done. We don't trust just anyone with Jax and Belle (they are our babies!) and even when Chris recommended you, I was still nervous. But, we will always think of you FIRST now. I can't imagine ever having that worry again-everything was perfect! We're recommending Pup n Pony to all our friends with pets. Thanks again for treating our babies with the utmost professional care and love in our absence!
  September 16, 2008 00:08:14 (GMT Time)



Name: Carol J.
Email: crittermom{at}hotmail.com
Where are you from: Surprise, AZ
Comments: Kelly is professional, trustworthy and honest. She is wonderful to do business with and my pets absolutely adored her. I had no worried leaving them in her care and I loved her daily text & picture message to me. I will definately use Pup n Pony Luv in the future, every time I need to be away from my home & beloved pets! Thanks Kelly!
  August 29, 2008 18:17:00 (GMT Time)



Name: M. Brittan
Email: mrsandman{at}yahoo.com
Where are you from: Wittmann, AZ
Comments: Pup n Pony Luv is great. I had to leave the state for a medical treatment and they tended to my "farm" for me. I came back to healthy, happy animals and didn't have to bother the neighbors. The price was right too. Thanks!
  August 28, 2008 16:14:45 (GMT Time)



Name: Missy's Mom
Email: flyinhigh77{at}aol.com
Where are you from: Peoria, AZ
Comments: Thank you Kelly & Pup n Pony Luv Pet Sitting. You have no idea how greatful I am for your wonderful care & attention to safety & privacy. Please come see Missy anytime-she loves & misses you! Thanks SO much once again!
  August 14, 2008 11:24:55 (GMT Time)



Name: Danny and Felicity Schmerfeld
Email: ddfjschmerfeld{at}cox.net
Where are you from: Peoria, AZ
Comments: What a wonderful service! Able to go on vacation with no worries that our pets were taken care of with lots of love and care. Came home to very happy pets. Thank you very much. I would recommend this service, Kelly & her trusted staff to anyone who wants a calm piece of mind while away from their family pet!!
  July 14, 2008 00:20:13 (GMT Time)



Name: "Driller" , Doit Miller
Email: milerdoit{at}aol.com
Where are you from: AZLX
Comments: Do you do any short term boarding? I may need Pet Sit assistance in the future and I will definately use you FIRST! I hope to make it to Pavillions this weekend and we can talk in person.
  July 11, 2008 19:59:05 (GMT Time)



Name: Ashley
Email: ashavila{at}gmail.com
Where are you from: Mesa
Comments: I am confident in the services that Kelly provides. Her passion for animals and her business are what drew me to her when I needed her help. She is awesome!
  July 10, 2008 21:31:58 (GMT Time)



Name: Lee & Evelyn Lhamon
Email: leeandev{at}cox.net
Where are
you from:
Sun City. Arizona
Comments: Kelly is our daughter and she has always loved pets of All kinds, especially dogs, cats and horses. Kelly was raised with pets of her own and always took care of them properly. She has two large dogs of her own and keeps them in her home in Surprise, AZ. She makes up to animals very quickly and is great at watching over your pets, and she's even dog sat for us at times. I know if you use her services once you will continue to use her services when needed. Good Luck Kelly in your new enterprise.
  July 10, 2008 20:44:07 (GMT Time)



Name: Jonn Herzberger / MAGFX
Email: jonnfx{at}gmail.com
Where are
you from:
Comments: Best of luck, Kelly, on you new venture. I know that you will do great!
  July 10, 2008 18:14:27 (GMT Time)



Name: Ryan Walsh
Email: rwphoto{at}cox.net
Where are
you from:
Phoenix, AZ
Comments: Kelly is the best!
  July 10, 2008 17:38:31 (GMT Time)



Name: Mike Edwards
Email: itllgrowback{at}gmail.com
Where are
you from:
Peoria, AZ
Comments: Just wanted to say hello out there, and tell you that Kelly's a great friend to us, and there's no doubt she will be to your pets as well.
  July 9, 2008 22:50:42 (GMT Time)



Name: Kelly Miller
Email: Pupnponyluv{at}yahoo.com
Where are
you from:
Surprise, AZ
Comments: Test…
  June 28, 2008 05:56:46 (GMT Time)